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Nicademia sets a major new benchmark in investing in content development by re-investing 80% of all revenue generated into content production. We currently produce over 40 new Cartoon Titles Monthly.

We believe this will result in re-investment in African Animation content production and a reliable supply of quality content to Nicademia and its Broadcast partners.

Below are some of the Titles on our platform:


Synopsis: A comedy series that explains various educational concepts in a funny and entertaining way.

The story is centered on a young boy named MUDI.

He loves to learn but have difficulty speaking and pronouncing words in English Language. He was transferred to a good school (Nicademia High School) to improve his diction as well as other aspects of his academics. There are 13 episodes and each is 15 minutes long. Suitable for

kids ages 10 to 16 License Type: Non Exclusiv

Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea0Pcc5FJz0